Walmart Overnight Parking App Reviews

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Rv in Florida

Very helpful when travelling with a RV, saves a lot of money along the Road

This App is included in the All Stay Camp & RV App

Too bad it did not say anything like this on the App Store so I paid them twice :(

Unfortunalety useless for out vacation

We tried to rest or overnight on some parkinglots of Walmart. Anywhere we would pleased to go. Because walmart allowes it not anymore to overnight in their parkinglots.

Not for canada

Not useful for Canada. Will give distance from US interstate exit to canadians Wal-Mart. Made for US users in mind.

Not great

Thought I would get this as we had a couple of issues finding overnight parking. This is not at all up to date! Better off to call ahead. Not recommending this app.

Nice app

We are traveler and we love this app! Its so funny! This thing is a thing you must have!

Download Maps

Its a great app but why not have the option of downloading the maps ? Then, it would really work without Internet.

Used in Canada

Its a nice app to have. Shows walmarts everywhere & lets you read what people think that stayed there.

Great App

Excellent app for finding Walmart locations!

Only works with Internet

It works fine online,but if travelling with no internet access it. Is useless!

Very good app!

Very good app, usefull!

Excellent App

I do 8,000 Kims a year in my RV all over N America. This and the other apps by the same guy are perfect for finding a place to stay for the night. Dont know how I would manage without them.

Very good apps , but should work without internet, would be good when youre on the road .


Great App

This app works great and we are very pleased with it. My husband and I are full time rving and have used it almost weekly as we travel from destination to destination.

My go-to app when on the road

This app is reliable and gives me all the info I need when traveling down the road. Of course, its only as good as its users so updates are important.


Extremely helpful apps while on the road. I have found it to be extremely accurate.


This app has help me save thousands of dollars over the last few years of traveling. Couple that with the handy access to all types of shopping needs and good bathroom facilities, how can you beat Walmart? AllStays has done a great job.


ONP is so easy to look up, directions to them are accurate. The best part is reading the comments by others who have parked there giving info about security, noise, where to park etc.

Love this App.

Does all I want it to do & so far all the info is accurate! Worth it! Follow up to first review! Still loving this app! If you drive semi truck you should have this app! Just dont take my spot before I get there! LOL Follow up the follow up! Still love & use this app! Still wouldnt be without this app. It found a spot for me again today.

Great resource ,

This the best app I have ever had to find parking places for an 18 wheel truck. I use this app just about everyday. I have several of my friends using it also. This is a great app for anyone that needs a place to park overnight . Please just keep up the GREAT work. Thank you for caring.

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